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There are numerous factors that help any website rank better on the search engine result pages, and a digital marketing audit helps web admins learn which one to work on first.

With OutRank Marketing, your website gets the facility of using our professional paid tools to analyze its current situation. The Ranking crew will run thorough tests on every aspect of your website to uncover all the behaviors, trends, and facts. Our webmasters will be running the same tests on your competitors’ websites as well to analyze our current position among our rivals. The results of these audits will help us understand where we are standing and the areas where we are strong, and the ones that need more attention. Your visitors’ behavior, current marketing impacts, potential risks, revenue-generation opportunities, technical issues, etc., will be the part of the report created thanks to this adit. OutRank professionals will provide you the roadmap of the actions needed to be taken to improve your website. This review will not only be about technical issues but visual ones as well. All the possible designing faults will be reflected in the report as we deep-analyze the website page by page. The audit will include four major steps:

Digital Marketing Audit

Keyword Research

What terms your potential leads are typing and searching on the search engines while they are looking for your business? Which keyword phrases will be more suitable to focus on to divert more traffic onto your website? Why your current keywords are working or are not working well for your strategy, everything will be included in this audit. OutRank’s marketing audit will check if you are using the right keywords in the right manner within your content or not? This audit will also ensure where your website should add or remove keywords.

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Website Layout

Your website layout is the soul of your SEO and ranking potential. This part of the audit will help you clear all the distractions of your website. The websites with a clear call to action and navigation tend to perform better on search engine pages. You do not need anything distracting your customer, and this is exactly what we will be focusing on in this audit. Our marketing audit will determine which areas need a change to keep your customers glued to your website. Besides these four major areas, we will also focus on security audits, web extension, theme audits, server configuration review, website architecture audit, and many more.

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Crawling (Technical)

OutRank will use its special technical tools to run a digital comb through the codes of your website to see if it is missing any links, to check for broken links, or if there are any loading issues on your website. In short, it will cover the technical issues that may affect your SEO strategy.

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Mobile Optimization

Smartphones and tablets are the new world’s limbs. Each day the number of mobile phone users with internet access is rising as a result now search engines are taking this trend rather seriously. If your website is not smartphone-friendly, then you may get a ranking penalty. OutRank audits will help you make a detailed report about your website’s mobile friendliness as well.

You now know how website audit services work, but what can they do for your website’s benefits?

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Giving You An Overview

Simply put, website marketing audits provide you that much overview of your website where you can understand what changes your website actually needs. Once you start implementing your SEO strategy, you get so involved that it becomes hard to analyze your steps. Conducting this audit will help you get the pulse of how your strategy might be working on the market.

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Help You Keep Your Team Aligned

The marketing audits will help you keep your whole team aligned on what you want from them. Whether your company is working on the SEO itself or you have outsourced it, you must have proper communication. These audit reports will help you tell your whole team what needs to be done and what they should keep doing to get needed results. The audit reports will be a great motivation for your functioning and non-functional strategies as now you will know what you have to do.

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You Know Where To Improve

Most of the time, webmasters are capable enough to help you get the results, but there are not enough tests to tell them where to improve. A website audit will help you know in which areas your website needs simplification. At times your marketing agency or in-house team might go over the board to increase your traffic. The complex designs, stuffed content on the website, and larger files end up slowing down your site while pushing the traffic away from it. SEO is like mathematics. Once you correct the equation, the correct results are bound to show up.

At OutRank Marketing,
we believe in learning
from others’ mistakes.

Along with running a detailed audit on your website to see our strong and weak points, we run audits on your competitors’ websites to see what they might be doing right or wrong. The search engine optimization world runs on information, and once we know what our competition is doing, it will be much easier to outrank them on the SERPs. Our thorough website audits will help you understand where your website stands on the technical as well as the organic side. OutRank is the new symbol of perfection in the SEO world. We can help you join the side too.

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Why Does My
Website Needs
an Audit?

A general misconception in many website owners’ minds is that digital marketing audits are just meant for bigger companies. Well, it is not! Marketing adits can help small-scale businesses equally. These audits are just evaluation tests to see where your website is standing at the moment on digital marketing grounds. As the saying goes, there is always room for improvement. Even when you have achieved the top ranks, you must grind to retain the place. On the other hand, if your website is not doing too well already, it makes more sense to run an online marketing audit. The audits will help you see why your marketing strategy is suffering?

There are some common indications that can be a call for a quick audit, such as:

  • You are missing your sales goals constantly.
  • Your social media engagement rate is weak.
  • Your website’s click-through rate is nowhere near where it should be.
  • Loss of rankings on primary keywords.
  • A constant need for an increase in paid marketing budget to reach goals.

If you think that we have pointed out most of the issues you are facing at your business at the moment, then there is no doubt that your website is in dire need of a marketing audit. Your strategy, which was working fine until now, has completed its course, and now you have hit the plateau. You have to identify the problem areas to create the solutions. Otherwise, you will keep on missing your goals in the coming days as well.

Even if you think that the above-given are not your reasons to go for an audit, you should still go for it. These audits are like regular medical checkups, which are done to point out any underlying issues and eliminate them before they can start making any troubles for your website body. Also, online trends change all the time. Who would think before social media start knocking down the regular SEO rules that one day it would become the biggest market online? Mobile phone optimization and voice search optimizations are still a new thing in the digital marketing world. Who knows what fresh opportunities might artificial intelligence and augmented reality bring in?

You might not know it yet, but your competitors might have already started working on the next big change in the search engine optimization universe thanks to their regular audits. They are regularly changing, removing, and improving their strategies when you are reading this piece about why you should go for an online audit.

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It is always great to see where your competition is heading to start preparing for your future moves. As we have mentioned before, it is good to learn from the mistakes committed by others rather than making them yourselves for lessons. So, now the facts are in front of you. Now you know what is a marketing audit, how it works, and what are the benefits of a digital marketing audit.

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