Search Engine Optimization (SEO) digital marketing service is the process of making your website top the search engine result pages (SERPs) organically. This service is a long-term investment but definitely with it as it has a higher return on investment (ROI) than paid marketing. Whether you need international, national or local marketing SEO services, OutRank will guide you during an initial consultation.

After a consultation and a deep understanding of your business and goals, we initiate a keyword research to discover how users interact with your product and/or industry and focus on the most effective keywords to boost your website’s rankings. OutRank will also analyze your current keywords to understand your existing content intent and adjust it accordingly for a clear online marketing approach. We also dive into your competitors and pull the best practices and opportunities that you should be taking advantage of.

Along with developing a keyword strategy, another area we focus on is content marketing. Our content strategists will transform your website with SEO-friendly content to help search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing read and understand your website to improve rankings.

With OutRank’s SEO digital marketing services, we’ll also develop a backlink or link-building strategy, also known as off-page SEO optimization. This is extremely important to building your authority and trustworthiness in the eyes of Search Engines. Being associated with quality links, not only increases your brand’s awareness but your level of trustworthiness among the saturated websites in the SERPs. 93% of a user’s online experience starts off in the SERPs, are you discoverable?

Benefits of increasing your website traffic
organically include:

1. Gaining quality traffic.

While paid advertisement brings in more website traffic, that traffic will stop flowing as soon as your credit card declines. Organic traffic drives targeted traffic from users who are choosing to land on your website based on your content attraction, instead of paid placement..

2. Effective long-term strategy.

With a good, continuous SEO strategy, discovery in the SERPs can be seen after a certain amount of time. Once your business’s presence has built trust and authority, your position in the SERPs will passively generate long-term results for years to come.

3. Staying competitive.

SERPs are continuously evolving and updating their algorithm, and new businesses are constantly developing. Your keywords and content should continuously evolve and reflect the trending practices.

4. Increased leads or sales.

Because SEO is a slow and ongoing process, it doesn’t pay off immediately like paid efforts. When it does pay off, you will be available to be discovered in the SERPs 24/7 and receive increased conversions from a leading revenue driver, Search.

Organic traffic is the number of persons that get onto your website after they search your keyword or something related to it on a search engine, your website pops up as a result, and they click on it. Whenever someone is visiting your website via a search engine result page, it is organic traffic in layperson’s language. Every one of us using the internet services is using search engines, hence the organic traffic and topping the search engine result pages both have become very important. Top ranking websites get the most traffic, which is why even big companies like Microsoft are spending big on SEO digital marketing services. Yes, getting to the top of searches and maintaining the place is very hard, but it is better than PPC (pay per click) advertisement in some cases.

Organic traffic is all about quality. Your visitors were searching for specific terms related to your business; Google bots thought your pages were relevant to what they were searching for, and that’s why they suggested you. On the other hand, paid traffic is pushed towards you. The search engine wants to get as many clicks out of your advertisement as soon as possible, so it feds your advertisement to everyone it thinks could remotely be interested in you. The pulled customers might not be as curious as the organic customer, which may lead to increasing your website’s bounce rate if you are not careful with the on-page SEO.

When search engine results are the primary movers and shakers of the SEO strategies, there is a lot more in SEO services than that. Email marketing, SEO audits, online offers, content strategies, well-designed landing pages, e-books, case studies, guest posts, etc., are a few more tools that can bring organic leads to your website. Video contents like reels, webinars, etc., are a few latest tools that are highly recommended by the Ranking crew. It will also not be wrong to say that if your SEO fundamentals are not in place, then no amount of money paid can help your PPC campaign.

Search engine optimization is a long process with concrete results. It is better than paid advertisement as you are not spending big. It is improbable for a website to be thrown from the top ten overnight unless they are doing blackhat. SEO is a safer option for breaking into the top ten results on any search engine search page. At OutRank Marketing, we strive for the best possible ranks to our customers after running the first few audits. Our self-motivated professionals love to defeat the challenges of the SEO world. Still, if you have just finished with the website, it will take some time to get a solid result, as we will be starting from nothing. Some search engine optimization experts may argue that SEO is like a river. Once it starts flowing, there is no going back.

Meanwhile, pay-per-click ads are more like a tap. The more you will put in the tank, the better the traffic flow will be from the tap. When you stop the money, the tap will run out dry.

It actually depends on which kind of business you are running. If your business requires people to take quick actions, then PPC more
than SEO digital marketing services will be suited. But then again, for your paid advertisement to work, your website will need a
good SEO base first. SEO, if you may, is the binding force of digital marketing. It is something that works slowly but surely, and the
world of online marketing is empty without search engine optimization.

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We have discussed in detail above how search engine optimization is better than the paid advertisement. Search engine optimization and pay per click both practices are in demand and practice at the moment. However, both methods are suitable for two very different kinds of marketings, eCommerce marketing and lead generation marketing.

E-commerce marketing has just one focus; to make sales, faster as possible. In this marketing, we focus on pushing customers into making a purchase aggressively. It is all about speed and on-the-spot sales in e-commerce marketing. While using this technique, we use the design, content, and CTAs (call to action) to create a sense of urgency in every customer to make a purchase. We have to drive a customer into making a purchase before they can lose interest. You don’t give them enough chance.

Meanwhile, lead generation marketing has the same last goal to make a sale, but the route to the final act is a little longer. The whole process is a little slower than e-commerce marketing. Lead generation marketing is mostly about getting customer’s data. You must be aware of the common practice of trading your email address for some exciting e-book. When we are giving our potential customer a lot of time to make up mind, this marketing technique builds trust and familiarity between business and customers.

Are you confused about which marketing technique you should take up for maximizing your business profits? You do not have to be worried anymore. The professionals at OutRank Marketing are more than happy to help you.

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We promise perfection, dedication, and innovative work at OutRank when it comes to our SEO Digital Marketing Services. We know it’s your dream you are trusting us with, not just your company. We work to build a long-lasting relation and mutual trust as well. Our vision is to see every business grow with us as fast as possible. We want to help you become the best version of yourself. Could you help us in helping you?

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