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Every social media consultant can tell you that SMO means social media optimization. It is a service that deals with the optimization of your social media channels. However, the working dynamics of SMO are way harder to explain to a layperson. Our social media management services play a massive role in our SEO strategy as well. We handle socializing and networking part of you on social media. Most features like dealing with other businesses and managing the leads remain secure with you.

Over 83% of the internet users and 90.71% of mobile users with internet access are active users of social media platforms. This stat alone is a huge reason to start showing social media marketing a little respect. Social media platforms are emerging to be one of the most prominent digital markets, with brands rushing to win them first. When social media used to be just about increasing brand awareness, it has become an open e-commerce website thanks to sale and purchase options installed by social media platforms like Facebook.

SMO, in practice, is the process of finding out what content works well for your organization’s social media handle and creating a social media routine based on the results. Easy right? Wrong! To find out what the customers interested in your business might find interesting is a very complex job, even when you get what to share, crucial steps like analyzing your current social media presence and finally executing the strategy. It is easier said than done, but this whole circle may take a lot out of your digital marketing team. When the ultimate goal of SMO is the same as SEO to present your content to as many people as possible, the approach to the latter is different.

Choosing someone like OutRank Marketing as your SMO expert guarantees increased business and an increase in your brand awareness. Also, outsourcing social media is a great idea because now you do not have to think about what to post next or who might have commented on your latest post. .

With a designated social media handler, you can use your time in focusing on your business. Most of the Ranking crew is carrying multiple degrees and certifications in digital marketing. We are experts in providing one of the best social media management services. Our self-motivated team is capable of handling social media pages of small-scale businesses and larger enterprises as well. Let us help you create a social media presence that will change your company’s future for good.

OutRank Marketing’s social media management services are divided into two main categories: paid advertisement and organic posts. Let’s discuss the advertisement services first.

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When we say advertisement, it covers paid advertisement on the social media platform and boosting your potential viral posts. The success of a social media page these days is measured by the reach of its posts. So, to increase your page and specific posts’ reach and engagement rates, your social media manager will create a balanced paid and organic advertisement-loaded strategy. Platforms like Facebook allow the user to be particular in their ad posting. You can target a specific audience, or location, or a certain age and sex group as well. Social media advertising plays a vital role in helping your business gain genuine followers and potential customers.

Talking about social media with most users globally, Facebook allows you to create specifically for lead generation, increase brand awareness, and even earn more store visits. Keeping your current audience engaged while keeping increasing your followers will be the top priority of OutRank’s social media manager. Your social media manager will also take care of posting media, content, sharing engaging calls to action, and cost-per-click advertisement. Social media and advertisement go hand in hand.

If you think that social media advertising is easy to plan, you should try preparing yourself. There are so many factors included that a layperson can’t plan one themselves. Our learned social media professionals have mastered the social media advertisement game thanks to their years of experience in the field. We ensure that you get the value for every penny you spend on social media. At OutRank, we keep everything transparent with our clients, so we keep you updated before implementing any plan. Let’s discuss the other important aspect of social media.

Organic Posts

Sadly not every SMM company is excellent with organic postings as it is the longer but surer route to making your page go viral. It takes something special to create engaging social media content. Thankfully, at OutRank Marketing, you get the perfect blend of webmasters who can use both paid and organic postings to help your page gain followers, engagement and leads.

We include written posts, stories, media posts (pictures and videos), reels, and highlights in the organic postings. The social media success of every page depends heavily on these few things.

You must be aware of the simpler forms of organic postings, the written content, the pictures, and the videos. When all posts are still one of the most commonly used ways of increasing engagement for a page, newer ways like reels, highlights, and stories must be given the required respect. All the major social media channels, YouTube to Instagram to Facebook, are now more focused on promoting reels. Reels are these small (7 to 15 second long) videos that carry meaningful and very engaging content.

In the same way, most of the major platforms are pushing the story posting trend up.You must have seen pages posting single or multiple pages these days in the story section. This section is started to help users get in touch with what’s going on with your business without actually visiting your page. It is something that is increasing traffic for the pages that are using the technique rightly, opposite to the common belief that stories might decrease the page visits.

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Facebook, in the year 2020, claimed to have 2.7 billion monthly active users. Twitter is another big name in the social media market and a favorite of celebrities and politicians worldwide. Twitter has registered a staggering user base of 350 million in 2020. After shaking hands with Facebook, Instagram has seen a significant boost in their user database and, in 2020, reported that they have over 1 billion monthly active users.

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Facebook is one of the oldest social media networks that overtook Orkut and never looked back. On average, each month, a Facebook user clicks at least 12 FB ads. Nearly 6% of marketers have admitted to using Facebook video ads as a reliable means of advertisement.

Suppose you are not motivated to use Facebook as a social media advertisement partner yet. In that case, you may be after reading the fact that FB advertisement campaigns each month reach 1.95 billion users from the platform’s 2.7 billion active users. Whether you are a business to business, business to customer, or e-commerce business Facebook is a marketing hub for you.

Today, FB or Facebook is the most used social media platform for advertisement for businesses. You can use it to drive web traffic to your business or reach a particular audience for branding purposes.

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X might not have the massive user database backing it up, but when it comes to the little blue bird as a social media platform to target, we focus on quality over quantity. X is the favorite of politicians, famous personalities, and celebrities. When we are talking about live events like contests, seminars, and concerts, X is reported to be as much as 11% more effective than TV advertisements. Also, social media users are 26% more likely to click/view ads when the platform is Twitter. This social media is known for setting trends, and whenever you need to know what is going on in the world, X is the platform to check. If you are on X as its users are very interactive. Your engagement chars will break all the records if you manage to make one tweet go viral.

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One billion people are there, waiting for you to talk about your exciting product and services in the ads. This platform is often called a goldmine for the brands as 92% of Insta users accepted that they are following at least one brand. Not just that, the same number of users claimed that they have visited a brand’s landing page/website or successfully made a purchase as they found them on this social media platform. No matter what else we may talk about, nothing can top this fact. Instagram is a relatively new platform rushed by generation z. The newer generation is somewhat different from the millennials; it is hard to convince them it will take a lot of effort to convince them for a purchase. OutRank Marketing can help you get your desired results with a perfect Instagram marketing strategy.

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